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7 Abilities of P@ D-STANDARD Inc.

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  7 Abilities of P@

We hope members of D-STANDARD, P@ , master these 7 abilities. Although these are very simple and basic, there aren't the people who have these 7 skills completely.

To grow up rapidly, we attach importance the following;

Skills of......


Little and often fills the purse. Building your trust is the sum of your action.


In this company, people who can exchange refreshing greetings are treated well.


As we frequently use mail tools, skill of business email is requested.


To improve your knowledge and technique efficiently, noting is important.


This is an extension of greeting skill. This ability is requested to establish good relationship with customers through reporting, contacting and consultation.


It's necessary to be a superior engineer. To transcribe precisely what you have to tell is indispensable ability.


This capacity is the final form of Communication skill. Person who has this skill is consulted and trusted by customers, and will be a vital existence.

We would like P@ to have 7 abilities to climb Tour Karin.