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  Words of Personnel Management Officer 

Spread P@ who can work with brilliant eyes.

D-STANDARD26.4 y ears o ld ― This is average age of employees of D-STANDARD. It shows D-STANDARD is the youngest corporation in IT solution service companies. Moreover, average age of us will keep getting younger.

To leave school and go out into the world. We guess there are many difficulties and troubles. Although sometimes you might be forced, scolded, and exhausted. However, we guarantee that experience makes you stronger and more enjoyable through making effort s with your team mates.

Making efforts with everyone have us fun and pleasure. We have to be the organization where we can rejoice at the efforts of each employees. Please challenge what you want with passion. Even if you face big problems and it's difficult to overcome, you could be able to make your way with pals.

I believe that P@, our employees, are willing to make exertions to help more P@, to make them happy and to have them smiling. Then, you can give a hand to P@ we will meet in the future on this experience. We would like to create P@ who can do this.

My tasks have been changed since I entered this company. I believe here is the unique company where gave me various opportunities though I was amateur. I faced many problems. However, I'm happy to be here now.

We want you to be P@ who can keep trying together. In the world, there are lots of P@ we've ever seen yet.

“ Spread Passion @ge over the world!”
Try more, and be proud mere!!

Ideal Talent of P@

・ Honesty

To absorb new things honestly and change yourself flexibly.

・ Energy

This is the source of passion. To give vigor to a lot of people.

・ Youth

It means youth of heart. To take interest in new things and not to be afraid of challenging.

・ Consideration

To think what you can do and what customers need, and take action.