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Spread Passion @ge over the world!

tomohiro kosekiOur management policy is also our aspiration.

When it have been 5years since I established IT venture corporation, we became not to miss desolation expanded throughout this industry and misfortune of the young. Then, I decided.

I have to make a company for the young. Nobody should be lonely. The environment where people can work be bright should be established.

We became the first to innovate the management using Management Plans, and construct the main structure including Welcome-back Party that has highest rate of returning to office, and Commune.

We aim to be a company which can make everyone's dream came true with all employees over 100 people. In 2030, business development will be accelerated and we will work with 1500 members at Japan and Asia.

“ IT×DREAM=∞” ― it's the common thought and meaning of existence of D-STANDARD. If you sympathize with our aspiration passionately, we'd like you to work with us.

MAGIC BOOK, long-range management plans, shows that D-STANDARD will continue for hundreds of years.

Join us!!

Tomoihiro Koseki, CEO of D-STANDARD