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This page shows our services of P@ and Works. D-STANDARD Inc.


  P@ and Works 

Passion @ge mainly conduct provision of technical support to lead customer's projects in success.

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Through works for customers, we'd like to be a company which have lots of employees who are popular with customers.

  • Interview of new members
    These movies show the real voice of new employees. They talk about their works and their student days.
  • Introduction of P@
    We introduce our employees, P@ with their pictures.
    If you want to know D-STANDARD and P@ more and more, please check this page.
  • P@'s SEE
    Interviews of P@ are renewed. (JAPANESE ONLY)
  • Commune
    This is original organization in D-STANDARD. We show the what they take about and the atmosphere with their photos.
    • “ There are difficult things for me in my workplace...”
    • “ Although I want to drink with co-workers, it's a bit embarrassing to invite them...”
    • “ I'm sad I can't make time to hang out with my friend...”

    We make the time to interact with P@ , our employees, and we don't make people who feel lonely.
    Let's find the solution of your worry through Commune .