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This page shows our services of Development. D-STANDARD Inc.

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This page shows our services of Development.

Development Services

Main services are construction, operation and maintenance of customer's original systems using technologies we've learned through the training.
We would like to produce not only the systems but also happiness and pleasure for customers.

Service List

  • System Construction
    This service includes planning of original systems, and system construction requested a high degree of specialization, design pattern(MVC, DAO, Singleton, etc) and programming languages(C, C++, Java, Android, Objective­C, etc.).
  • Testing
    Examination and verification of your existing facilities. When some bags or vulnerabilities are detected, we propose the solutions of amendment and reconstruction.
  • Operation & Maintenance
    We consider and provide you with measure how to avoid or disperse risks.Making opportunities to reflect opinions of customers and users in system construction is also our mission. In­house Development, Design,
  • Operation & Maintenance
    Through this service, we learn basis of systems ourselves and how to give customers happiness and pleasure.