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This page shows our services of Frontier J. D-STANDARD INC.

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This page shows our services of Frontier J.

What is “ Frontier J”?

We declare our policy, “ Spread Passion @ge over the world! ” The policy will be realized in this project. We are willing to support venture businesses making inroads into Japanese market and Passion @ge playing active parts globally.

Service List

  • Japan Incorporation Guide
    We back you up since you are in the examination step of expansion, including market survey, making customers, finding business partner and so on. On decision of business establishment in Japan, we will help your corporate registration.
  • Visa Application Services
    We teach you what steps you must to do to get a resident card.
  • Accounting & Tax Services
    Our Certified tax Accountants and CPA can provide you with a complete range of tax and accounting services to ensure adherance to Japanese tax regulations (Corporate Tax, Income tax, Consumption tax) while maximizingtax savings.
  • HR & Payroll Services
    Let us take care of all your HR procedures at affordable, scalable prices, depending on your business size and needs.
  • Legal Practices
    The lawyers provides expert, strategic, and quality legal advice in Japan corporate law.
  • Office Arrangements
    We provide you with the arrangements of virtual office and a tenant.
  • Residence Arrangements
    Please consult us about your house in Japan. We make efforts to show you a residence within your budget.
  • Sales Support
    After your business establishment in Japan, we help you to find leads to the markets.
  • Employment Support
    This is HR support to hire Japanese staffs and foreign employees who have been in Japan.
  • Making Website
    Why don't you make your own website in Japanese and English? Let's expand your company, services, policy and dream.
  • SEO measures
    We can show you how to do marketing and make your new customers in Japan through SEO measures.